Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stock market - Heading into which Direction ????

With the very unusual movement of the market ,,, I wonder  which way is the market heading ????
I would welcome some comments  on this situation...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reliance Power - Technical View

Here is a brief overview of Reliance Power based on Technical Analysis...

As per the Trend Indicators, this stock is in a strong down-trend.
As per the Fibonacci retracement working:
On 11th Nov, the stock hit a high of 192.8. From there, it reached 147.7 on 22nd Dec.
38.2% Retracement level is 164.9, which was the resistance level. The stock reached 162.2 on 6th Jan  2011 and could not break through the above resistance. It turned again and came down to 133.2 on 17th Jan 2011.
Now, the 38.2% Retracement level is 144.27. This is the current resistance level for this stock.

As per the Japanese Candlestick chart, there is a double bottom formation @ 133-137 levels. This level is the support level for this stock.

The price should close above 144.27 to show some signs of trend reversal.
As per the near term Moving Averages, the resistance level is 143.
As per the short term Moving Averages, the resistance level is 148.
The 200day MA  is @ 157.2
The MACD also have not signalled a "Buy" yet.

For the Risk Aversive Investors:
In the short term:
One can take small position into this stock, if its price closes above 145 and stays above the same level for at least 2 days.
In the long term:
One can enter/accumulate this counter above the 200d MA. (157.2).

For the Risk Taking Traders: (Very short term trading perspective)
One can buy at 133 levels with a target at 142. (This is quite risky). :-)


Friday, January 21, 2011

Reliance Power - comment of Sunil

Refer to the suggestion of Sunil about buying  the script -  Reliance Power,
I would say this is one of the  script with most unusual  history,  The IPO of this company  was launched during The stock market High time,  and  it was hugely oversubscribed,  BUT unfortunately, as the day of Listing approached market went Topsy Turvy,   and the share allotees  were  blessed  with a bonus shares  even before the share listing happened on the stock markets.
Present stock performance -
52wk High- 192.8,
52wk Low - 133
BV   - 58.69
EPS - 1.14   ( LOW)
P/E  -  120.97 ( Very unfavourable)
RONW         - 0.77 (V. Low)
Today's Price - 142

One can invest, if one has a Very long investment Horizon, as for the period of 1 to 2 years is concerned  I do not think there is going to be any reasonable positive movement in this stock.
Since the present market situation is more Bearish and the chances of this stock falling below than its 52wk Low is very much possible, I do not think one should put any money in this stock at present.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My First Interactive Forum on this Interesting Subject! The objective, as the caption is, to make some awareness among retail investors among whom I'm one. :-)

Im sure lot of people have a lot of unanswered mysteries about the equity market. The idea here is to share the little info each one of us have and learn from each other. If and only if :-), you are interested, just send a mail to and you can become a contributor to this forum. :-)

Together let's make this learning journey a great experience for each one of us!!! Thank you!

May the Profit be with us...

Another Blasting day in Stock market...PHhhhhhhhh.....

Stock market is getting more Nervous with each passing day..... day -17.01.11  was another  confused day......
Don't Know when will the situation improve.......World market No sign of improvements,  Commodities Prices are rising every where..... Inflation in India - Know Only the upward direction -  onions -  Rs 80 per  Petrol -  Rs 64/Litre........ All netas -------- just knows  how to  LOOT the Money of Service Class..  ..........GOD  PLEASE HELP !!!!!!
World over  everything is loosing its  Shine - Everywhere signs of  Loose morales - NO ETIQUETTES......  BUT....
Etiquettes -  Selva......Yep we should have some etiquettes ...  If we have to Servive in Stock Markets... Gud Forum.....And  I am making my First Post here......
Happy investing.............CHEERS......